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HeadStrongNY is the Premier 3D ScalpMicroPigmentation NYC Artist who has taken Scalp MicroPigmentation in New York to another creative leve



Top Westchester Couny NY Hair Salon / Spa Owner says. “This photo was taken 4 weeks ago the photo on the right was taken yesterday. People look at me now and say – “wow you buzzed cut your hair off”  but I actually had NO HAIR on my head. HeadStrongNY transformed me with his incredible vision and his NYC Scalp Micropigmentation artistry it has profoundly changed my life. I look in the mirror now and see myself the way I was when I was young. It is truly an incredible life changing miracle.”

John says “HeadStrongNY its mind-blowing I’m not bald THANK YOU!”

MTV Artist Lovari looking great at the Grammy Awards his SMP done by HeadStrongNY

Top MMA Fighter Ricki on his transformation

Ricky MMA before and now video above after

Lauren Premier Hair Artist From L.A “HeadStrongNY the 3DSMP Training was INCREDIBLE!”

Utah’s #1 Archiesbarbershop CEO Archie trains w/HeadStrongNY

“I flew from UTAH to train with HeadStrongNY, So Blessed that I get to train with this guy, When I say training I MEAN TRAINING “Hands ON” right away!!! there is no time wasted, all of it is worth my time he is pretty straight forward no BS 😊, HeadStrongNY…like I said Iam forever grateful and thankful that I met you😇 by the way you have a great talent in Music too. Its like going for an advanced MBA in 3DScalpMicroPigmentation & Business.”

Thank you HeadStrongNY

I trained with HeadStrongNY, he’s dynamic, fun and has created the most successful artistic ScalpMicroPigmentation Artists and business entrepreneurs within this industry. INCREDIBLE TRAINING, worth 10 times the cost. I’ve taken tons of training and this blew everything away. 10 THUMBS UP

MTV Artist LOVARI on his new music and life years later after 3DSMP

NYC RealEstate Exec “HeadStrongNY is incredible no one knows a thing”

Client was a NW6-7 completely bald and now says – “HeadStrongNY I can’t thank you enough”

NYC Trauma Surgeon pix below says “HeadStrongNY you’ve changed my life so profoundly”

Women Love 3DSMP

I wasted $4500 training in Canada, then found HeadStrongNY’s Incredible HANDS ON 3D Training!

MTV Recording Artist Lovari From Completely Bald To Hip!

Lovari – “Thank you HeadStrongNY, for the new me”

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation is VERY REAL – its ScalpMicroPigmentation  x 100

Shareef says – “HeadStrongNY no one touches your artistry THANK YOU!

Young MMA Pro seconds after his 2nd session with our new pigment

“HeadStrongNY its one year later and its like magic, you’ve changed my life!”

Latin Singing Sensation Giovanni Transforms with HeadStrongNY w

HeadStrongNY is the creator of  3d Scalp MicroPigmentation – Dr. Bob Losier

3D MicroWorks CEO Shannon from Las Vegas trains with HeadStrongNY.

Herb says “Its just incredible HeadStrongNY, so broken, natural and a FANTASTIC window peak”

Shareef – “Its not about covering up baldness, its about looking like baldness was NEVER a factor to begin with….HeadStrongNY ….with its EXCLUSIVE 3D Technique gives you the look of actual hair follicles on your head that its still growing from. NO ONE else can do this believe me I researched and met everyone!”

Client Texts this pix and says – “Its perfect HeadStrongNY”

Trauma Surgeon “Awesome – its a work of art. I’m so thankful HeadStrongNY for everything you’re doing”

TOP Athletes Choose HeadStrongNY

New York – New Jersey – Westchester – Connecticut – Rockland- Tri-State NYC

My belief and experiences have taught that SLOW & steady is the only way to work, to create 100% undetectable results from the first session that are Life Transforming.

If we can assist you in any way please feel free to contact us.

African American says after 3 sessions – I feel like a new man, Im NOT bald thanks to HeadStrongNY