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HeadStrongNY is the Premier 3D ScalpMicroPigmentation NYC Artist who has taken Scalp MicroPigmentation in New York to another creative leve


3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

Scalp Micropigmentation New York / 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

INCREDIBLE Small Business & Artistic Opportunity

Expert Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course

HeadStrongNY is the creator of 3d Scalp Micropigmentation Training and the industry Leading Specialist in this explosive and cutting edge technique. HeadStrongNY has trained over 130 of todays top ScalpMicroPigmentation Specialist working within the industry. HeadStrongNY has personally transformed  top doctors, celebrities  Lovari MTV & Grammy Artist had his treatment done by HeadStrongNY Scalp Micro pigmentation Training

3D scalp micropigmentation is the continuing evolution of traditional Scalp Micropigmentation. HeadStrongNY has developed expert advanced 3D Scalp Micropigmentation Training & techniques which makes standard Scalp Micropigmentation Training a thing of the past.

Train one on one with HeadStrongNY the man who created 3d Scalp Micropigmentation and who has trained over 134 of todays leading Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist

1 on 1 Powerful Inexpensive Scalp Micropigmenation Training in NYC or Online

HeadStrongNY is a consummate artist who created the textured 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Treatment to deliver a level of realism that is the hair loss cure for the 21 century

Do This Right The First Time – One On One 3d Scalp Micropigmentation Training

As one of the industries most experienced and renowned 3d Scalp Micropigmentation Training Specialists in the world,  HeadStrongNY offers help to men and women suffering from all types of hair loss conditions. With his fantastic brand of tailored treatments, natural hairlines and un matched customer care, HeadStrongNY will get you your confidence back with his non surgical approach to hair loss.


HANDS ON Artistry & Complete Business Package $1750

Intense, fun The #1 in the USA & For Good Reason

Incredible Value $1750 Business & Artistry

MTV Top Charting Artist Is A Client

Stunning Natural Results – Proprietary Pigment

INCREDIBLE Small Business & Artistic Opportunity

Train 1 on 1 and have fun with Scalp Micropigmentation Training in NYC

LA Premier Brow MicroBlading Queen “The BrowRecluse” says – HeadStrongNY delivers the most prolific HANDS ON 3d Scalpmicropigmentation training & BUSINESS Success system in the world. This is fun, inexpensive and worth 10 times more, thank you HeadStrongNY”

We don’t spend thousands on advertising like some of our competitors do. If fact we don’t advertise. HeadStrongNY is an in demand 3DSMP Trainer/Artist for those demanding the most powerful results. This enables him to pass on significant savings to you. HeadStrongNY personally tailors your 3D Scalp Micropigmentation Training and you’ll pay a lot less too.

Compare our rates against the largest clinics and see how much you can save. Most students save at least $2500 or more with HeadStrongNY and his groundbreaking