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3D Scalp MicroPigmentation


Incredible Artistry & Value – $950 Treatment

Stunning Natural Results – Proprietary Pigment

Chris CEO of &  is the industry Leading Specialist in this explosive and cutting edge technique. Chris has treated doctors, celebrities, pro athletes, lawyers and those who have all levels of hairloss. He is also a specialist in scar camouflage Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

John says “Chris its mind-blowing I’m not bald THANK YOU!”

I’m constantly striving to create a new level of 3DSMP realism in which I’m able to duplicate not only follicles but actual hair density. This break through is entirely possible with my new proprietary pigmentS that are blended specifically for each client – Chris CEO

Top MMA Fighter Ricki on his transformation

 Ricky MMA before and now video above after


Read over 60 Reviews /Comments on Chris on the video below

Lauren Premier Hair Artist From L.A “Chris the 3DSMP Training was INCREDIBLE!”

img_4610Utah’s #1 Archiesbarbershop CEO Archie trains w/Chris

“I flew from UTAH to train with Chris, So Blessed that I get to train with this guy, When I say training I MEAN TRAINING “Hands ON” right away!!! there is no time wasted, all of it is worth my time he is pretty straight forward no BS 😊, Chris…like I said Iam forever grateful and thankful that I met you😇 by the way you have a great talent in Music too. Its like going for an advanced MBA in 3DSMP & Business.”

MTV Artist LOVARI on his new music and life years later after 3DSMP

Chris – The Recognized Artistic 3D SMP Leader

Chris is the pioneer of the unique method of 3D Scalp Micro Pigmentation. Many of today’s top Plastic surgeons, Aesthetician’s, other SMP Specialists and Permanent Makeup Artists have trained with Chris with great success!  Chris has more years of experience in 3D ScalpMicroPigmentation technique’s than any other artist in the USA. He has been teaching his method to students from all over the world.
Learn how to transform your life and the lives of others from an Artist and Businessman at the forefront of Scalp MicroPigmentation and 3D ScalpMicroPigmentationTraining

NYC Trauma Surgeon pix below says “Chris you’ve changed my life so profoundly”

3d ScalpMicroPigmentationTraining Made Easy

Artistry with Every Treatment & Training

A Few Words From Chris YOUR 3dScalpMicroPigmentation Artist

scalp micro pigmentation training scalp micro pigmentation  

Beautifully Seamless & Essentially Natural

We Deliver Natural Stunning Results


The Evolution Of 3d Scalp MicroPigmentation

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training



Chris, the creator of the widows

Chris’s classic widows peek that he’s created on doctors, lawyers, other smp specialists, athletes, actors, police, fireman etc. You may have seen the widows peak on other SMP specialist in Video. Do YOU want that look? Then come to the man who creates it for the most discerning men in the USA. Chris’s widows peaks are natural, subtle yet you can clearly see the “Chris subtle artistic stamp” when looking closely at the hairline. If YOU want that natural widows peak, worn by others in videos, then go directly to the artist himself, Chris!

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Slow & Steady with STUNNING Results. Our clients speak with EVERYONE! MASTOR Permanent Make-up Machine

Women Love 3DSMP


 “Chris its one year later and its like magic, you’ve changed my life!”

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation is VERY REAL

Shareef says – “Chris no one touches your artistry THANK YOU!

fullsizerender-4fullsizerender scalp micropigmentation matt iulo 


Scalp Aesthetics 39 WEST 32ND STREET, NY 10001

The Most Natural Hairlines 

For The Most Discerning Men


100% Undetectable – Amazing Life Transforming Results

“Chris your work is simply amazing!!! Your use of color, angles and vision is quite remarkable” Dr.T

HeadStrongNY 39 WEST 32ND STREET, NY 10001

MTV Recording Artist Lovari From Completely Bald To Hip!

Lovari – “Thank you Chris, for the new me”


Young MMA Pro seconds after his 2nd session with our new pigment

 Scalp MicroPigmentation New York Hair Loss

Anush, one of Los Angeles top SMP Specialists trains 3d with Chris


Latin Singing Sensation Giovanni Transforms with Chris

We are the only SMP Provider to have a BoardCertified Surgeon as Medical Director who has the treatment and is an expert in 3d Scalp MicroPigmentation – Licensed & Insured – Board Certified

Dr. Bob Losier

BOB-300x200FullSizeRender 2


3D MicroWorks CEO Shannon from Las Vegas trains with Chris.


Herb says “Its just incredible Chris, so broken, natural and a FANTASTIC window peak”


Shareef says – “Chris no one touches your artistry THANK YOU!


Shareef – “Its not about covering up baldness, its about looking like baldness was NEVER a factor to begin with….HeadStrongNY ….with its EXCLUSIVE 3D Technique gives you the look of actual hair follicles on your head that its still growing from. NO ONE else can do this believe me I researched and met everyone!”


Client Texts this pix and says – “Its perfect Chris”


Chris Your 3D SMP Treatment Specialist







Chris is one of the most widely known and followed 3D Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artist in the USA. He has extensive 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation experience and has personally trained many doctors, permanent make up artists, surgeons, hair transplant specialist and many new artists. His passion is felt from the moment you speak with him.
He is guided by the belief that 3D Scalp Micropigmentation procedures are works of art that should be performed by only by the most skilled, dedicated artists who understand facial symmetry, hand pressure, angles, multiple colors and layering.
Chris and HeadStrongNY have been at the forefront of Scalp MicroPigmentation and more over 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation in NYC and Westchester County NY for many years.
Stellar Reputation – VIP Customer Service

FullSizeRender 5
Chris is in demand for his  innovative 3D Texturing Techniques, natural and subtle Scalp MicroPigmentation transformations. His artistic ability and attention to detail make him highly sought after by clients and referring physicians.

IMG_2729 “Chris I’m simply blow away its incredible what you did.”

Chris’s clients include celebrities, TV personalities,  doctors, athletes, actors, artists, police, firemen etc


We  provide a 100% undetectable Hair loss Cure. We create the most Natural Hairlines in the industry. We don’t hide behind clinics and company’s that would do and say anything to get a client. We stand by our work and our word. Our clients are discerning men, leaders within their respective industry who will only accept the best. If we can assist you in any way please feel free to contact us. I believe that the soft, subtle and natural approach is the only way to approach Scalp MicroPigmentation.
The evolution of scalp micropigmentation is here at 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation

I believe that the soft, subtle and natural approach is the only way to approach the Hairline and  3D Scalp MicroPigmentaion.

TOP Athletes Choose Chris


New York – New Jersey – Westchester – Connecticut – Rockland- Tri-State NYC

My belief and experiences have taught that SLOW & steady is the only way to work, to create 100% undetectable results from the first session that are Life Transforming.

If we can assist you in any way please feel free to contact us.



3D Scalp MicroPigmentationTraining

International Permanent Makeup Specialist Carra Kelly From Europe Trains with Chris

12599289_767702606699914_326408928_nEmergency Room Doctor NYC 

“I took a lot of time and researched every major vendor before deciding to go with Chris. No one would give me a set price or number of sessions etc. The first thing Chris did was give me one fixed price. The process was painless, I’m amazed with the results. I mean you can see the pic after just two sessions, its incredible. He handily beat everyones price and his attention to detail and 3D blending are fantastic. Chris is extremely talented and passionate I can’t imagine going to anyone else. Two thumbs way up!”

We are a boutique not a large franchise, where consistency is impossible to maintain. We offer experience, incredible artistic talent with an unmatched passion and attention to detail. Our work/art is showcased on surgeons, athletes, actors, musicians, celebrities etc. We prove that in the right hands this treatment is beautifully seamless and essentially natural.

10268996_770622596406001_1396937750_nNatural Hairline, hip, bold look. Great density!


BOB-300x200Dr. Robert Losier Medical Director

“Chris did my 3 Scalp MicroPigmentation, the results are nothing short of life transformational”

Licensed  Insured &  Board Certified.

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation is VERY REAL

Top MMA Fighter has Chris create his 3D SMP and keeps all his battle scars he says “Chris its incredible, my wife thinks I look 10 – 15 years younger and I feel it, thank you”

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training

 scalp micro pigmentation ny new

Dr. Jacobs –  “Chris’s slow and steady approach changed my life. Dont waste your time or money with anyone else.”Image-1





The 3D effect is created through each session and needs an artistic vision of the end result before the treatment begins and a knowledge of multiple color layering. 


All great artistic endeavors need to be done in a Slow and Steady manner so the artist can monitor the layering and blending of the pigments to properly insure a seamless new look.

scalp guru scalp micro pigmentation hairline ink scalp tats scalp micro usa

3d Scalp MicroPigmentation Transforms Lives


African American says after 3 sessions – I feel like a new man, Im NOT bald thanks to Chris




York Scalp MicroPigmentation Scalp micro pigmentation NYC

Touch Ups

Look to us to keep you looking great year after year with our touch up program. This service is for everyone, including customers of other providers who want their 3d Scalp MicroPigmentation always looking its best. You look great, you feel great right?

 Innovative HairLoss Cure

49 year old white UPS worker says “Chris, no more hat, thank you so much”


New Transformations at 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Instagram


Alopecia sufferer Henry “Chris, thank you for giving me back my life” 

Impeccable Reputation -Licensed & Insured – One All Inclusive Fee

Scalp Micro pigmentation New York Hair Loss Cure

12328243_1567863443528658_191221397_nExecutive travels 6 hours to work with Chris “Chris gets the 30-65 year old successful man who demands discreet, natural and slow & steady!”

 Singer Adele’s Bodyguard Peter Van Der Veen  looks hip with his 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation

19 Nov 2015, New York State, USA --- NO JUST JARED USAGE Celebrity Sighting in New York City Pictured: Adele --- Image by © Splash News/Splash News/Corbis


3D Scalp MicroPigmentation looks GREAT on every balding man if done properly!

MTV Artist Lovarhis 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation w/Chris


3D Scalp MicroPigmentation New YorkNYC

MTV Artist Lovari “Chris its 100% undetectable”


Lovari – “Chris has incredible Artistic Vision”

Scalp Micropigmentaton, scalp micro usa,  skalp, hairloss,

Chris – 3D Scalp Specialist 

matthew iulo

I’m humbled by the number of wonderful professional men and women (surgeons, lawyers, top athletes, actors, celebrities, police, firemen etc) I have personally treated.

Chris’s artistic vision and precise surgeons hands enable him to deliver a uniquely natural feathered hairline and side profiles in a Slow & Steady manner. He is recognized for his innovative 3D Techniques and his work is well documented in video.,  hairloss remedy, hair transplants

Chris is the only Specialist in NY who offers one all inclusive fee delivering world class results. Our clients speak with EVERYONE.


Chris treats other SMP Specialist who work in NY creating the subtle widows peak.

MMA Fighters and athletes love this strong look 10598248_209365702774672_327199124_n

scalp micro pigmentation hair loss New York hair 

From Bald to Full Head of Shaved hair and no one knows a thing!

IMG_1888Client says “Chris you’ve changed my life so profoundly! Scalp Micro pigmentation New York



Below 2 different African American Clients go from Bald to Full Head of Shaved Hair


Clients include Celebrities – Athletes – TV Personalities – Doctors – Men & Women


Scalp MicroPigmentation


NY Detective says- “Chris you did it bro, IM BACK…thank you so much”


Scalp MicroPigmentation New York

Manhattan – NYC – Brooklyn – Bronx – Queens – Staten Island – NYC Tri-State


3D Scalp MicroPigmentation New York

 NYC Detective after second treatment w/alopecia

“Chris, incredible job man, looks AMAZING 80% redness gone. First time without a hat in 15 years, thank you so much!”





3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Facilities

Our NYC and Westchester County NY Facilities are fully equipped with the very latest Scalp Micropigmentation equipment and are held to highest medical standards. We also have  luxurious massage chairs for your comfort during your treatment and TV’s and internet access in every treatment room.

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation 

One All Inclusive Fee

Latin Singer Giovanni

who has performed for J. Lo, Marc Anthony


América cantante Giovanni en el cuero cabelludo micropigmentación en HeadStrong NY con Chris -
Nueva pérdida de pelo Transformaciones Everday en nuestro HeadStrong Instagram
¿Necesita Scalp Formación Micropigmentación

Why 3D Scalp Micropigmentation 

  • 100% undetectable 3D follicles so precise and angular that its impossible to tell
  • The most natural 3D Scalp technique in the USA
  • Every customer is treated like a celebrity
  • Integrity – Honesty – SLOW & STEADY approach
  • Chris is one of the most respected 3D Scalp Artists / Specialist
  • Chris is highly sought out by many practicing physicians
  • We are not a large clinic or franchise, do not sell franchises
  • We are an American Discreet Boutique with 2 locations
  • Clients work directly with the Specialist
  • World Class Results & The 3d Best Scalp MicroPigmentation Pricing in the Industry
  • 3D Scalp Micro Techniques that deliver stunning, 100% natural results

11917913_1472459579727020_1208267986_n Businesswoman after 3 sessions with Chris 100% undetectable.

hair cloning 2016 hair loss www.skalp

Image-1 4Clients Include

Doctors, artists, TV personalities, athletes,  musicians, businessmen & women who seek the very best and personalized 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Chris delivers World Class Results  in a SLOW & STEADY manner at one all inclusive fee

Chris, creates swirl pattern in the crown, natural, 100% undetectable.




Scalp MicroPigmentation

Now is the time to create the new you, its as simple as an email or phone call.

See why surgeons, actors, tv personalities, celebrities, athletes and countless men & women all trust Chris to deliver a transformation that can truly CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE! permanent makeup machine hair loss cure 2020
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